Birch Run,Michigan,$2,000,000,Eligible,Retail;



Birch Run Adult Use Provisioning Center

12454 Dixie Highway, Birch Run, MI 48415




Introducing our Birch Run TWP, MI dispensary location!

Featuring 39 parking spots with a 60,000+ daily traffic

count! This location has very high visibility on Dixie Highway

and is situated just outside of Birch Run Premium Outlets!

Within 1 mile, there are many big box retailers, QSR, and

hotels such as Halo Burger, KFC, A&W, McDonald’s,

Wendy’s, Starbucks, Meijer, Dollar Tree, General RV,

Chevrolet, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, Best Western, just to

name a few. There are also an incredible number of stores

located inside of Birch Run Premium Outlets!

This property comes with local approval, at closing, with an

Adult-Use dispensary license awarded by Birch Run TWP.

Saginaw County, MI is the eleventh most populous county in

Michigan (190,000+)



Off of he 2nd busiest I-75 Exit between Michigan & Florida

Next door to Birch Run Premium Outlets!

Quick Closing!



Sale Price: $1,795,000.00

Building Size: 6,000 sq. ft.

Parking Spots: 39, Lot Side: 1.4 acres

County Population: 190,000

Daily Traffic: 60,000+


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