Morrisville,New York,$250,000,In Application,Retail;



New York Recreational Dispensary

25 Main St., Ste E, Morrisville, NY 13408



Here is your opportunity for a lucrative venture in a dynamic market to lease 3,171 sq. ft. of commercial space in the heart of Morrisville, NY. This strategically located property is situated on main strip of Downtown Morrisville, just under a mile from SUNY Morrisville Campus. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the sole licensed cannabis dispensary within a 20-mile radius, offering a unique market advantage. The close proximity to SUNY Morrisville and downtown location ensures a daily influx of over 18,000 vehicles per day, enhancing visibility and foot traffic.


Sale Price: $1,950,000.00*

Building Size: 3,171 sq. ft.

5-Mile Population: 135,316

Daily Traffic: 18,000.00+


*$1,950,000 includes the Class 5 Cannabis Retailer License. Local and State Approvals, Land Use Entitlements and Long-term lease of real estate at $1,585.50/Month NNN


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